Sunday, 20 December 2009

Loads of tags and here comes the snow!

It started to snow this morning and everywhere looks so fresh especially my garden statues. Out came all the wellies, gloves and hats and off ran all the kids to have a great time. We later made some tags for the christmas presents..I think they have done a really good job with their stamping for their age..they are only 4 and 6yrs! It was funny watching them count to 5 while they inked up the stamp.


joanne wardle said...

aww those tags are great. great way to keep the kids entertained and produce somthing useful.

Thanks for the tip of mixing that horrible yarn with some black yarn. I can see that would work!!

lisa said...

I love the snow on the buddha, great shot!

Amy said...

very sweet tag's..I love our lawn ornaments..they are so cool!
I like the stamped image's on your tag's