Thursday, 26 May 2011

Winged woman who wanted her son to return to the nest

I had a look at the Scrollswork blog earlier on this evening and there is a fantastic technique on there which involves getting messy with paint and which produces instant here to see the post. I made a quick collage with one of the backgrounds using lots of Scrollswork stamps under a transparency (dont forget that they have a huge closing down sale on at the moment). The theme over at Wednesdsay Stampers this week is nest..can you spot the nest on her head?

Once my sons had gone to bed I just had a play with paint and in half an hour made over 40 backgrounds..great fun just put down acrylic paint, water and get swooshing with cheapo photo paper.

I love the way this one turned out..purple explosion

My conservatory/art room has been taken over by Halo Reach toys which remind me of a cross between Mad Max and orcs out of Lord of the son made this excellent base for them and told me in great detail about the battle to defeat the halo reach grunts...dont you just love listening to imaginative stories.


Art From The heart said...

I love anyone with an imagination..especially those that are young.
Love your post.
Hugs, Amy

~*~Patty S said...

Lovely backgrounds and collage Lorraine...nothing better than getting to play messy!

Hermine said...

Absolutely gorgeous

Joanna said...

Great collage! I love all those backgrounds, wonderful colours and smooshiness.

Unknown said...

Hi Lorraine.
I've seen your videos and they are fantastic. I got a lot of inspiration. You work so effortlessly and it is fantastic. Thank you Lorraine.
By the way, my boy have done just the same with same sort of toys. :))

lena-dailyscrap said...

great collage with a lot of thoughts behind!

Sid said...

Fab backgrounds and finished piece Lorraine !

Unknown said...

Hi Lorraine
I've looked at your videos. They are just so inspiring and beautiful. You work so effortlessly. It is a delight and watch. I wish you a great weekend. :))