Thursday, 19 June 2008

Inspire me Thursday "find art in the everyday" challenge

As soon as I saw this title I thought about my day to day life of home, cooking, cleaning, washing, the school run I raided my recycle bin to create some everyday art!! I put a wax crayon rubbing of a bird and a painting that I had previously done with the kids as the background. I then cut and pasted images from my recycle bin and added some paper cast flowers that I had made out of toilet rolls!!..Everyday art for nothing!!! and great fun!


Kim Mailhot said...

Very ingenious recycling !What a beautiful spread !
Here to art in the everyday !

Marie Patterson Studio said...

who knew recycling could be BEAUTIFUL!

Charlie said...

Wow this is really cool. I love the idea to use everyday recycled objects on the collage. I am such a junker. I save everything. I have good intentions of using this stuff but then I get weird. I'm afraid I'll use it up and never be able to find that certain piece again. Now I have started scanning scrapbook papers in the computer.
Oh and thanks for commenting on my blog... and wear gloves next time you solder.LOL

kazumiwannabe said...

Your explanation made me laugh (thanks!) and yes, the result is great. very colorful and full of energy.