Wednesday, 11 June 2008

scouse recipe!!

Our famous Liverpool dish is called scouse. Some people call those from Liverpool "scousers" but I prefer to be called a Liverpudlian. I am making a pan of scouse for our dinner so thought I would share a recipe for it with you.

Scouse recipe

1lb braising steak (cubed)
4 carrots (cubed)
1 small swede (cubed)
1 large onion (cubed)
2lb King Edward potatoes
Dash of Worcester Sauce
1 pint of water (add more water if it starts to get too thick)
1 oxo cube
Salt and pepper

Put all of the above into a stock pot, bring to the boil then simmer for approx 2 hours. Enjoy with crusty bread!!

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Loulabelle said...

This sounds perfect for these windy, rainy days and nights.