Monday, 7 July 2008

my childs art "sponge bob"

while I was making the arty pins below my 5yr old who is very creative decided he wanted to make off he goes and gets a sponge, loads of paper, pens, and some sticky tape and makes a sponge bob..I think this is great as he is only 5 years..then he says "you can put it on your blog Mum"..I would be so pleased if you could leave comments for him..thanks a million.


Fiona Whitehead said...

What a Fabulous Sponge Bob! Clearly your son is a little creative genius - thanks for sharing.

Scrappylicious said...

What a cutie - gotta love spongebob :)

Barbara Hagerty said...

This is WONDERFUL! How creative! I'm so glad I got to see this!! Methinks you have a budding artistic genius on your hands!!