Monday, 21 July 2008

Trying to rust fabric!!

As I am typing this my hands stink of vinegar (and No I have not been to the chippy eating loads of chips!!). The theme on mixed media monday is I am trying to rust fabric and metal!! In one of my older copies of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine is an article on rusting fabric etc. You soak fabric, paper etc in vinegar then put rusty objects into a plastic bag with the fabric that you want to rust. You can also rust objects using one part vinegar to two parts bleach..but you have to do this outside as it gives off chlorine fumes!! So I have been experimenting and the photo shows the before pictures outside at the moment. I have put some metal objects into a foil tray as I am hoping that the foil tray rusts as well. I will let you know if it are supposed to leave it for 24hrs but that is in the US sunshine not UK sunshine!!
Success!! the top two pics show the end results. The plain fabric worked better than the coloured one as it has really taken the rust patterns well. I am pleased with the rusty screws, nuts etc that were placed in the vinegar and bleach solution. I will try and put together a piece tomorrow with all my rusty bits as I have been busy making books for my sons teachers as it is the last day of school tomorrow.


Barbara Hagerty said...

Thank you for the information on rusting! I do want to try it, but I'm going to have to scrounge around looking for rusty things to put in the bag, as everything I have is rust-free. I'll have to take some walks and search the earth for some bits of wire, nails and hinges....I can't wait to see how your rusty fabric comes out!!

catharinas-love said...
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