Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Created by hand "crows" challenge

Another altered book page based on the poem by Ted Hughes called "Crows Fall". I have painted a crow then added a black n white hat relating to the poem..the poem is added to the side of him. As you cant see the words here is the poem:

Crow's Fall by Ted Hughes
When Crow was white he decided the sun was too white.
He decided it glared much too whitely.
He decided to attack it and defeat it.
He got his strength up flush and in full glitter.
He clawed and fluffed his rage up.
He aimed his beak direct at the sun's centre.
He laughed himself to the centre of himself
And attacked.
At his battle cry trees grew suddenly old,
Shadows flattened.
But the sun brightened—
It brightened, and Crow returned charred black.
He opened his mouth but what came out was charred black.
"Up there," he managed,
"Where white is black and black is white, I won."


vintage wil said...

what a beautiful page !!! supper.

LME said...

Lots of colour :)

Kelly said...

great altered page

Char said...

Fabulous page.

Viola said...

Really fabulous!! :o)

Stempelchaotin said...

Wow this is absolutely stunning. Wonderful.

Audrey said...

Wow, love your page!

ilonka -kreativgeschwafel- said...

what a great page!

Kris Dickinson said...

This is fantastic!

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Excellent, Lorraine!

Faye said...

Great painting! Neat crow.

WendyK said...

Fabulous piece of work

Nicks said...

As a huge crow fan, i just love love love this!