Friday, 17 October 2008

Luke & Connors first ATC swap

Luke aged 5yrs and Connor aged 6yrs decided to swap ATCs. Luke made a Dr Who one for Connor with a Dr Who card, pumpkin pic, button and twigs and Connor made a Wal-e one with lovely glittery paint. wal-e image and paper scraps for tyres. Luke loved the whole process of making the ATC and posting it to Connor. His face lit up when he saw that an envelope was just for him and it contained a Wal-e ATC. We both live on opposite sides of the UK so it was great for our sons to have their very first ATC swap! Thanks Sarah (Flo).


Sarah said...

yay I am glad it arrived

I will blog tomorrow too :)

Connor has his ATC from Luke on his wall and is keen to do another.

It took him ages to cut out all the little scraps but he really did enjoy it

that glittery stuff over the blue paint is Jo Sonja's Opal Dust - it's lovely - I was loath to let him use it but he wanted a starry sky and was adamant he had to use mummy's expensive glitter paint lol :)

Lorraine said...

well he was quite right as it looks marvellous and he obviously has your talented eye!! Luke has gone to bed with his under his case Jack wrecks it!!

UK STampers Cyber Blog said...
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Hazel said...

Whoops, was signed in as the wrong blog name! Sorry, Lorraine.

What brilliant ATCs. They are both talented boys! I can't wait until my DS can join in too! Kudos to you talented Mummys for encouraging them to do art :D

joanne wardle said...

oh bless, that's so sweet, and they are really good too.