Wednesday, 1 October 2008

needle felting

This morning in the craft group that I help out in we did some needle felting again. I really like needle felting but wanted to learn how to do it in 3D. To make the beads etc try using some wadding and putting your wool around this to save using loads of wool. In the picture I wanted to show the wool I use. It is called rainbow wool and is a lot cheaper than merino or tops.. I got it in the market. I use a household sponge to stop the needle from breaking but you do tend to stab yourself a lot when making beads as you move the bead around in your fingers. I have found quite a good shop that sells supplies quite cheaply with reasonable postage so have ordered some more needles from them today ( To make the star I have used a cookie cutter. I am still working on the heart so thought I would show a work in progress to give you an idea of what to do!! When I finish them I think I will decorate them with seed beads etc to bling them up a bit. I want to go on to make some gnomes next so if anyone has some good links please post up!!

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Sarah said...

love the star

I'll have to look out for that rainbow wool - thanks for the heads up