Wednesday, 8 October 2008

skull shoes and my 5yr olds art!!

Found these ace shoes in Matalan today! OK I know they are meant for 10yr olds but who cares I think they are cool. I also got a pair of camo baseball boots!! My 5yr old wanted me to "put this on your blog Mum". It is collaged Dr Who tv that he took ages to make!! He would be so pleased if you put a comment up!! thanks.


Hazel said...

Love the shoes :D
I think your son has got some talent there, he has made a really cool collage, and I certainly wouldn't have realised he is only five! I hope my two yr old turns out to be as good ;)

Sarah said...

I am in a double oh wow state!

First of all - your little 'un's collage. It's blinkin' brilliant!!!

Would he like a penpal? ??? My youngest has just turned 6, he loves Dr Who more than he loves me, and wants to swap ATCs (as long as they are about Dr Who lol)

I'm not sure his work would be quite up to that standard, mind :)

And as for the shoes. well you may or may not know about my daps vice. Some women dream about Jimmy Choos, I dream about THOSE TRAINERS RIGHT THERE ON YOUR BLOG :)

The GOOD thing.... I live literally right next door to a Matalan.

The bad thing, I have giant feet. So if they are kiddy shoes I think we can safely say they won't fit me :(

Maybe if I tried some ancient Chinese foot binding....????

Stempelchaotin said...

Cooooool shoes.
What an great idea. Love them.

purplepaint said...

Oh this is an awesome collage! I see he's inherited his mum's talent! The shoes are cool too! You must have tiny feet!

Susan Hickam said...

I think your son is got a great eye! It is hard to believe he is 5. Way to go and don't stop now!