Saturday, 15 November 2008

Help out at your local church fair!!

Today I helped out at the cub stall for the church's Christmas Fair. I had a great time selling some of my crafts knowing the money was going towards the upkeep of the church. I am not a religious person but my children attend cubs and anchor boys so we visit the church on parade days. Its a lovely gothic church with the most amazing stained glass windows. We all had a tasty lunch there, visited Father Xmas in the grotto and had a great family day out. Of course my husband was pleased as he picked up yet another guitar whilst my sons got loads of toys!! I also got some great bargains... some old round the world playing cards which will come in handy for the round the world swap I am doing and a star card holder which is on my tv at the moment holding all my fav atcs!! So go on you dont have to be religious or one of those happy clapping evangelicals!! to help out at your church fair!! and you might get some bargains and have a good time!


Chris said...

I think this is a great thing to do! We all help each other, more love is spread around. I'm not religious, either. I will only wish that religious people extend their love to me, as well!

Lorraine said...

I find that the problem can be that you are not one of their crowd!! its a very clicky thing I think which is not very good samaritan like is it!! Oh well back to trying to think what to do for christmas inchies ...they are pesky little things arent they!!