Tuesday, 18 November 2008

My first attempts using oil paints- a work in progress

I have been reading the new Kelly Rae Roberts book and thought I would have a go at making some journal covers. I started applying various papers to some board then added the face in oil paints then used various paints over the papers. I have also stamped dream, wish, art, thoughts on the background. I have to let the oil paints dry on the face first before I add the final facial features. I will probably add some more words as its going to be my journal. I am quite pleased with my first attempts although I dont know how long oil paints take to dry! Does anyone know? As I am eager to finish this and do a load more!!


Sarah said...

this looks great Lorraine, not surprised you are happy with it!

from memory - most oil paints dry to the touch in 2-5 days, but some colours, like the cadmiums (sp?) can take over a week

Stempelchaotin said...

Yes I love this book.
So wonderful work. Fabulous paint. Love them.

Faye said...

Very nice, Lorraine. I think the darker colors seem to dry faster than light. Anything that has white mixed in will probably take longer. White seems to take forever if you're in a hurry for it to dry.

Hazel said...

Fab work, Lorraine, I can't wait to see it finished (although it may take a while to dry!)