Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Look what came in the post!!!

I got some great post today. I took part in a travel round the world "north pole" swap and today a card arrived from claudia from Germany..hope Santa didnt forget to visit her!! I also got a letter which came all the way from El Paso in Texas and was full of the most amazingly colourful fabric scraps. I commented on http://colorfulartgirl.blogspot.com and as she is a quilter she sent me some great scraps.. I think I will make a mini fabric book out of them as my Cloth Paper Scissors mag also arrived today and has a pattern in it!!

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Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

glad to see you got the scraps! isn't it amazing how when something arrives here from over there we are all excited, and (apparantly) when something arrives there from over here, you are excited! there is such magic in snail mail. happy holidays. i hope to see your mini book. take care