Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Anyone know of any good Jewellery making video tutorials on the net?

I am gutted that TV Weekly has stopped. I was just about to have a go at all the jewellery making shows on Plum & Verdigris and now I cant find them!!! So does anyone know of any similair shows which has videos of jewellery making demos??? You can still see some of the TV Weekly shows by checking out this link http://video.google.com and typing in tvweekly (thanks Sid from UK Stampers for this link).


LME said...

Hi Lorraine if you google there are quite a few links but not sure which are good?
I have made rings from beads and wire but they are fiddly:)

lisa said...

bummer - I liked TV Weekly too, they featured a show on our products once on Scrapbook Lounge. I know them, I'll have to find out what happened!