Thursday, 1 January 2009

My crafty space

I was looking at Lisa's blog la femme papier and she has a video of her craft room before and after she has rearranged it. I thought I would put up a pic of my craft corner which is in my conservatory (a glass extension to the back of my house). I have a small corner that I share with my kids craft stuff. Although it is small I have loads of light coming in through the glass windows and it overlooks my garden so I can watch the birds in the tree. Most of the cupboards are from my local fleamarket. Its a pity it gets quite cold in there of a night but its lovely in the day with the sun shining. I would love to see more bloggers put up pics of their craft space and how we manage without huge craft studios!!


lisa said...

a terrific space!! love that you can see outside, a little trees and sunlight makes for a wonderful muse. xoxo

Faye said...

How wonderful to have that much light. I have a small room with only a dormer window so I have to make do with an ceiling light and 2 lamps. Somehow, it always looks messy. Maybe it's because my furniture in there isn't matching like yours is. I need to get a better way os storing my loose papers.