Thursday, 5 February 2009

a little snowman, a great gift and more goodies from my mum's loft!

I love it when packets arrive with green customs stickers on them as I know they will contain something good. To my delight Lisa from la femme papier sent me a ready to alter canvas says you can paint it,sew it, alter it, bead it so I think I will try all of these and they will be like little arty reference books..cant wait to start on them. Big thanks Lisa..your arty present is on its check your mail in a week or so!! Today it also snowed again..we were lucky as we didnt have too much snow today but just enough for my youngest to make a snowman all by himself..I think its quite good for a 4yr old with its pea eyes and carrot nose!! My mum had also been in her loft today and gave me a load of fabric and fur scraps plus some old dressmakers books and a great metal flower gadget that I am not really sure what its anyone else know or I will just use it as a template


crafty creations said...

Great snowman and fab things from you mums loft!!!! and that canvas book loos brilliant.

I've left you an answer to your question on my blog

hugs Hilda

lisa said...

you are welcome my dear liverpool pal...can't wait to see what you do with the canvas book!