Wednesday, 18 February 2009

culture but no crafting as its half term week!!

Today we all went to the maritime museum in the city where african drum sessions were taking place so we all had a go and it was great fun. There was also an exhibition on the story of liverpool which was really interesting. During our visit to the museums I have been taking photos of some interesting patterns that I will probably use in my art in the future as I love the patterns. I am also very pleased as I have just sold another 2 little art bags which will shortly be on their way to Canada. I just love that something I have created is going to be enjoyed the world over so far Germany, the Netherlands and now Canada so a big thanks to all my etsy buyers.


lisa said...

wow - congrats on all the etsy sales, that's awesome! I get to look at my sweet little purse you made at my desk every day!!

Sarah said...

so glad your Etsy business is doing so well.

and I LOVE that Haida piece in your 2nd photo, am chuffed of all the things you saw that is one of the things you chose to feature as that is a style of art that speaks loud to me (as you might be able to tell by looking at my back lol)

Lorraine said...

I was thinking about you when I put the pic up Sarah and hope you would see it!! They had a pic of the orca that you have on your tattoo as well