Thursday, 7 May 2009

another day of inky fingers!!

I am always messy when I create anything and today was no exception. I went to Linda's shop today and made some hands were covered with black ink as was the table!! good job there were some baby wipes to hand. How do these demonstrators not get inky hands and remain so perfect!! It was nice to see my friend Linda get one point she was covering nappy liners (not used!! ha ha!!) with paint by scrunching it up in her hands..I guess we are so alike!!


Kaz said...

gorgeous atcs you made, love the one on the right with the little angel girl...lovely.
i don't know how anyone can use ink on paper or card and not be black at the end, i always am!!

Anji Gallanos said...

Inky fingers would be a great blog name...maybe it already is. I can't seem to do anything without being covered. I started wearing an apron so I can just wipe my hands on it..hasn't helped much though..still very dirty

Sandy said...

Wow these are stunning.
So brilliant design on the ATC´s. Love them.