Sunday, 31 May 2009

faux metal embossing

There is a lot of talk about metal embossing in the craft magazines lately but I didnt want to have to buy more craft tools and metal sheets so I had a go at making my own. The photos show some ones I made with black paint and I also tried blue, green & brown paints for a more subtle look. I have had these tools for years so was glad to use them as I havent used them for ages! I am very pleased at the way they turned out as they look very gothic looking..I feel as if I should live in a medieval castle with these lying round.

You will need:
Card diecut shapes (I used a cuttlebug)
Any card for the base
50mm Aluminium metal tape (around £2.50 off ebay)
Embossing tool with a round end
Tracing wheel used by dressmakers (check your local market for one)
Scraper tool or anything with a sharp point (from the kids craft kits)
Black or other dark coloured acrylic paints
Sanders block or rough sandpaper

Glue the diecut shapes on to small pieces of card then cover all this with some thin aluminium tape. Use your embossing tool with the round end and go around the outline of the diecut shape. Next take the tracing wheel and wheel it all around the shape for the background. Take your scraper tool and make the odd mark on your diecut raised shape. Cover it all with black acrylic paint and leave to dry. When it is dry sand down and voila have your very own gothic faux metal embellishments! Good luck and dont forget to tell me if you have a go!


Flippinpest said...

Great idea! I will bear this in mind and hopefully have a go soon ;-)

Sandy said...

Wow this is unbelievable.
Stunning work. Love them.

Anonymous said...

Ive been doing this too, as I cant afford to keep buying all the new products that keep coming out....Ive also covered card with aluminium foil and ran that through an embossing folder and then coloured with black ink or paint....not quite as effective as the tape though.
Fab pieces!

Gillian McMurray said...

I have just been wooed into buying a set of metal embossing tools myself. Love the idea of using the aluminium tape. Your experiments with it look wonderful. I will certainly try this.

3rdEyeMuse said...

clever, clever, CLEVER!

Elaine aka Quixotic said...

Popped over here via Adele's blog. Fabulous work, love it!

Monika said...

wow hun. Thanks for the tute. Totally agree with you about buying new craft products esp in the credit crunch. Thanks for visiting my site. Re crochet I got a really great book from the works only a couple of pounds which did have basic steps however there are great tutes on youtube. Head over and type the name of the stitch you want to master. I am getting into amigurumi so it is just single crochet/double crochet us/english. You can find conversions online too. Hope this helps. Don't give up. I knit too and crochet is so much easier.

Deb said...

How exciting this is. Great tut! Thanx for the visuals too.