Saturday, 13 June 2009

a sort of quilt!!! plus more goodies in the post

I got a load of goodies in the post for winning the May fibre arts junk mail challenge with the plastic bag bin I made. I love the dyed material, journal, misty fuse, artisans bag etc patterns and ATC so a big thanks sure to visit her blog as its I have been looking a lot at quilting sites lately and have always wanted to have a go but not in the strict measure each piece so its perfect way! I decided to do it my way!! so have cut a large piece of interfacing ironed randomly cut squares on it and am in the process of sewing it all together. I know it will probably fray but that will add to the character. I hope to make an oversize tote bag with it all similair to the pattern given to me by Sue. I am not a very precise person and didnt want it to look too neat so hence not spending hours getting once quilt square piece perfect!! Will post up the bag when its finished (my laptop is not running very well at the moment so blog posts may be intermittent). Isnt the material gorgeous ..a big thanks to my friend Liz at the shop who brought me bags full of material that she didnt want!! I am lucky in life sometimes

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lisa said...

you're my kind of quilter!