Sunday, 23 August 2009

continuing with my scrappy quilt....

I managed to piece together some squares today which will soon become many 9 patch squares

which will then be joined to some more larger squares

this is quite a time consuming project so I am not rushing it but its quite nice to see it emerging from just scraps of fabric. This is my first quilt so I am using it to find out how to piece everything it wont be an arty quilt in my usual sense..that comes later after I have learnt from this one!


lisa said...

now that's 9-patch the hard way! But I like that all 9 squares are different, instead of 3 sets of strips.

Papermoonies said...

oh what a lovely blog you have deary
I know follow you!!

Lottie said...

You clever, clever thing - I must get to grips with my sewing machine.

I love looking through your blog