Wednesday, 23 September 2009

little CD book for UK Stampers CD swap

Over at UK Stampers we are having an altered CD swap. Everyone had to alter one CD somehow..cant wait to see what everyone else has done. I have cut the CD in half (soak it in boiling water then it cuts easily) and then covered it in various papers, stamped images and an inner tube cuttlebugged swirl!. The inside pages are based on some card templates that my friend Linda let me have (check out her blog as she has loads of good ideas I have covered them with some daisy d vintage nursery papers and there are also various papers including joss papers inside cut in a semi circle shape.

If you want to join UK Stampers just click on the badge to the right and that will take you to the site...we have loads of really good swaps and great chat..come and join us you dont have to live in the UK to join us.

Just come across this excellent quote whilst surfing the Net
Silence is the safest response for all the contradiction that arises from impertinence, vulgarity, or envy. ~
Johann Georg von Zimmermann


Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

how interesting. and the whole boiling a CD really is a unique idea. your end result looks great. the board box looks cool too, it would be a great thing to keep ATCs in or something.

as for the triangles on the baby quilt i made, the only reason they line up is because i made half-square triangles and then squared them up to be an exact size. it adds a little bit of extra time but i guess is worth it especially if the triangles are the focus. really, though, i don't think its that big of a deal to line things up, sometimes things look better NOT lines up. i look forward to seeing your quilt with the triangles on the edges, hope you post a photo, otherwise please email me a photo.

Sandy said...

Wow this is fantastic.
Your work is very inspiring.

Sid said...

Fab little CD book Lorraine, can't wait to see it IRL !

Linda Elbourne said...

This is fab ... I have made several CD books but never actually cut them in half ... if you don't mind I might give this method a go.

I just score the place I want to cut ... zap the score line with a heat gun and then use scissors ... may save you from boiling the kettle!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful book Lorraine! Love all your fabric work too! xx

lisa said...

wow, how imaginative!