Sunday, 29 November 2009

finger painting and sponge painting

Yesterday my sons bought loads of stuff at the christmas fairs we went 6yr old bought finger paints and sponges to print with. If there is one way to get rid of being sad and fed up its finger painting! We had a great time messing round on huge strips of paper and making a mess..but it makes great backgrounds. We printed off the main paintings too and played around using our fingernails, edges of paintbrushes etc. I have strung up a washing line which holds up all our sons call it the arty line so here is a photo of them in all their glory!


Minxy said...

Ah so now we know your secret Lorrain
The key to great backgrounds... make the kids create them :)
Looks like a very fun time was had by all x
hugs Minxy x

Anonymous said...

wow looks amazing....