Saturday, 12 December 2009

ppppp pick up a penguin!!

we braved the crowds today in the city centre to see the penguins. My son had helped to decorate one of the penguins exhibited in Liverpool One shopping centre so we all went to see them today. Last year there were super lamb banana sculptures all over Liverpool but this year they have been replaced by fibreglass sculptures of penguins. A lot of the local schools were asked to decorate them. I would have liked them to be put around the suburbs as trying to park in the city is an expensive nightmare. There was also a lovely grotto and huge wheel..we might try and go on the wheel mid week as the crowds were horrendous today and I didnt want to queue for 3 hours!! So not much time for creating today but they are good penguins arent they!


Sid said...

Thos ppp penguins are just so cute !!

LME said...

Glad you got to see them :)