Monday, 25 January 2010

Art..theres no time like the present (Sunday Postcard)

I have really appreciated just a little time to create something today. Unusually for me I wasnt well last week and am just about over a nasty bout of viral conjunctivitis when my right eye was very red and painful so couldnt really do anything...Its times like these when you really appreciate your health and have increasing empathy for those who are not so fortunate in life. I would like to thank those who all wished me well

For this fabric postcard I have used some of my painted and printed fabric pieces for the background. I have included various clock stamps which I stamped on fabric with dye inks. I really like these solid flower stamps as they are ideal for fabric stamping either using dye inks or paint. The stamped words read "There's no time like the present"...all stamps from The Artistic Stamper.


Lori Saul said...

Beautiful fabric postcard- you have inspired me with this- now to find the time!

Sandy said...

Oh wow this is really beautiful.

herminesplace said...

This is gorgeous

Barbara said...

I like the colors and the stitching!