Wednesday, 27 January 2010

It worked..first attempts with procion dyes..

I bought some procion dyes last year off ebay but have been plucking up the courage to finally have a go. I thought I would make a mess of it from early experiences of dyeing when I was about 17 trying to dye all my clothes black they all ended up a horrible navy colour!! Anyhow I followed some instructions off the Talking Threads programme featuring Myfanwy Hart. It involves scrunching up material into plastic glasses and adding diluted versions of the dye along with some soda and salt. I am really pleased with the results. After I rinsed the dye off I washed them with ordinary detergent then ironed them dry as I am impatient. I have read your supposed to use synthrapol to get the last bits of dye out but dont know what that is if anyone does know can you let me know. Have tried it with some chinese red and yellow to produce gorgeous orange patterned fabric..I have got some more "brewing" at the moment in red and blue shades..its great waiting to see what happens!


LME said...

Well done :)

Anonymous said...

They look gorgeous. Can I use your photo as a background image for something? Very inspiring!

NuvoFelt said...

Hooray! Well done, Lorraine, they are beautiful. Yes, Synthrapol can help with getting rid of the excess dye. It holds the fibres open for a while. We sell it at Winifred Cottage, it isn't on the website, but if you email or give a ring I can talk to you about it.

You may like to pass the word that the series will be repeated later this month - my episode is due on March 24th.