Saturday, 9 January 2010

Messing round with Fabric (Fiber arts and mixed media challenge)

Over at the Fiber Arts Mixed Media group the monthly challenge is to alter boring commercial fabric in some way. So I have had great fun getting messy with paints and inks again! When they were dry I heat set them with an iron. I am going to use these for fabric postcards so am not going to wash them so the colours wont come out. Check out the site by clicking on the black badge to the right

I used some distress ink pads over Tim Holtz masks then sprayed ink over the fabric

original boring commercial fabrics

then used some black crayons to rub over the fabric with a karantha stamp underneath

put a load of acrylic paint on a glass mat and made swirly marks in it then printed off this onto the fabric

whilst loading up some of the photos in Picasa I touched the colour saturation button in error but glad I did as I love the mad colours in this one. ..could print it off again onto fabric or paper

My bottle of bubble jet set arrived today which means I can start making my own fabric sheets soon to go through the printer but wish it would get warmer as I want the fabric to dry not freeze!

I braved the snow today as I needed to do the huge shop loading up with long life milk, loads of bread etc. I was driving up our road at about 5mph but at least I was on my own so wasnt distracted by the kids. Hope school opens again on Monday but bad snow is forecast again so have to wait and see...keep warm everyone. My husband has just informed us that he has bought yet another guitar...this time its a 1980s while flying V as featured in School of sons fav film!! I am just glad they are not into rap as I love rock music


Sandy said...

Oh wow brilliant.
Many great work.

Anonymous said...

What fun. These are so cool looking.

Hels said...

One word

Typically for me....



Amy said...

LOVE the top fabrics..brilliant colors!!! very pretty..

Hermine said...

Its gorgeous!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love painting is fun to make something new...