Thursday, 11 March 2010

I'll have 15 pints of dye please and a packet of crisps!!

I've always liked drinking pints!!!
dont forget to put your pink marigolds on Pat

anyone for a dye party

I went over to Pats house this morning and we had a great time playing round dyeing fabric in plastic pint pots looking like a pair of dye witches!!. Pat has hung the fabric out to dry on her washing line (click the link for a picture) so cant wait to dye some more next week..we used our collection of procion dyes and just haphazardly added the dye to scrunched up fabric.


Heavenly Anarchist said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time1

Janet Ghio said...

Oh this looks like lots of fun!!

Ria said...

Uh...uh.....Lorraine.....this looked like so much fun, dear! I think I should try dye party in my class.....:) Is the water for dying must be warm/hot/cold?

Amy said...

looks like alot of fun!