Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Arty Girl birthday cards

I made some birthday cards last night using those background papers I made for the Artistic Mother group again...they are really coming in handy. I have stamped over them some more with these delightful birds. The little collaged square has a range of stamps from sequin waste to images of Da Vinci's Armenia and features a delightful little girl photo stamp called Sally...isnt she a cute arty girl just like me..ha ha! All stamps available from Scrollswork on coloured writing to take you there.

I was reading some of my poems to my husband last night and in his typical Northern comedy style he decided to invent one read on for a laugh!

How green is my greenhouse?
How green is my greenhouse?
Green green green green green green green
Not very
Its brown brown brown brown brown brown
Brown earth and brown plants!

I went to the cinema this morning and saw a marvellous film called The Blind Side..recommend it if you want a good cry and a laugh..really heartwarming film.


Trudy Callan said...

Awesome birthday cards. I have found the background papers very useful for many things, too. The kids and I made my mil birthday cards with our background papers last week.

You husband is hilarious. I bet he's a lot of fun to live with.

Jo said...

Beautiful cards, stunning backgrounds. Your husband is truly talented;0)


Sid said...

Fab cards !

Anneke said...

beautiful cards and backgrounds

Donna said...

Those birthday cards look beautiful Lorraine! I love them! Hopefully, Shona's book will get to me soon and I can figure some of this stuff out that you all are doing. :o) But the art part...that's sheer talent!

Your hubby's poem is too cute! Ironic I would say. Thanks for the nice comment. By the way, I am featuring your poem about you and your son and the pretty clipboard this Saturday along with others on my Best Posts of the Week. It's in a thumbnail on my side bar Linky List.

Crissi Harvey said...

love the cads Lorraine the BG paper is lovely hats the bit i want to do first from the book, your husband is about as poetic as i am LOL thats the part in the book im having trouble with

Lori said...

Love these! Your background papers are delish!

Carin said...

Love the cards! Yeah, those background papers are great for all sorts of things.

Kristin said...

Your cards are beautiful! I have been having so much fun using my background papers - you have such a stunning example of using them in your art here! Great poem BTW, your husband may have something there . . . Kristin xo

Melinda Cornish said...

the birthday cards are very prolific girl.
Your husband missed his calling as a

Carolyn said...

Hi Lorraine, fantastic birthday cards; I also like the other card you did using Scrolls Work images (the one with the blue flower). You are very talented with your various techniques and backgrounds.