Sunday, 16 May 2010

creative chaos calmed and a bbq

After: organised with fabric, paints, beads and inks in different areas

before : chaos with fabric and all my stamping supplies mixed up!

I like looking at photos of others craft spaces so thought I would show you where I create stuff. My craft space was just getting too chaotic where I couldnt find a thing and I had my inks and fabric mixed up on one table. I have only a little bit of time to create in the day and was spending most of my time looking for supplies! My sons went to a friends today so had the afternoon to sort it all out! I decided to have designated areas so now have got all my fabric and sewing stuff near my sewing machine. I love looking at all my threads so have put them in an open box. I always stand up when I do stamping so have put all my stamps and inks on top of a cupboard. Next to this are all my paints which can also be reached by my sons when they want to do painting. They have a drawer system on wheels with all their papers, paints and writing books in. The space on top of the dryer is where I have put my cuttlebug and next to it I have put my beading supplies. So am very pleased now its all tidy and I am going to try and keep it that way!!! We had lovely weather yesterday and had another bbq..wrote a poem about it as one of my "to do list" things is to write and read more poetry..

A bit of sun slight wind
Charcoal stains on fingers
Where's the matches?
Crackling pungent smoke
Burgers sausages steaks
Feeling Neanderthal
Eating together
No dinner time squabbles
Just listening to birdsong
Remembering summer camping
Sons learning to cook
Hardly any dishes


Joyce said...

There is nothing like a little chaos to show the workings of a true artist! I don't know if you saw my studio clean and chaotic on my blog, but I have to say that sometimes you can be too organized and still not be able to find what you need! Thanks for sharing your space. I love seeing where others create.

Donna said...

Lorraine, It looks like you have a lot of fun, but I know what you mean. It's the same in my sewing room. We do so many projects that we have to re-organize every now and then. We have craft supplies for candles, glass painting, sewing, quilting, applique and science projects...all in the same space.

It's a fun kind of messy, but now I can't find some of my supplies either. We just got a wardrobe a friend was getting rid of and are revamping the sewing supplies to make room in another spot for the crafting stuff.

You've inspired me to tackle my sewing desk in particular. It's crazy!

Donna said...

PS. I love the picture at the top with the drawings hanging on clothesline. I've been wanting to do something like that for applique projects that are in the works. :o) The room looks super inviting...and ready for something new!

Carin said...

Thanks for letting us have a peek into your creative space. And a major difference I must say! Love that you took your zones and the way you work into consideration...I think tha's where a lot of people "fail" when they (re)organise- they don't think how they actually use the space.

Trudy Callan said...

Love your craft space, the space of a real working artist. You've done a great job organizing it. It's not easy for us creative types to be organized, but you have found a way. Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

you sure do have alot of art goodies..looks like an art room to me and I love it

msalcatraz said...

lorraine your space is beautiful and looks really exciting and creative!

Creative Carmelina said...

I find so much inspiration in looking at other creatives's art spaces too! i don't know what it is...but I get all giddy inside !!!

you have a treasure trove of goodies to play with.....may I spend a day in your studio!? we could create so much together!!!!

come by and take a peek at my creative's the second post down for today!

ciao bella
hope you are keeping well!

creative carmelina