Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Day out at Delamere & SATC2

I decided to take my sons on a trip to Delamere today. The last time I went, which was many years ago, I got lost so this time we sort of stuck to the main path. Ferns are one of my favourite plants and the forest was full of them with some beautiful trees and flowers. We even came across a few houses in the middle of the forest..what a great place that would be to live in.

Have just been to see Sex and the City 2 at my local old picturehouse which is full of character. It was great to watch it with the place full of women of all different ages laughing so hard. I would recommend the film for pure escapist light comedy and Samantha again had all the best lines compared to the Carrie character which I dont really like..what did you think of the film if you have seen it?


Sid said...

That's a super picture of the ferns Lorraine ! I can almost smell that 'foresty' smell when I see it !

Lori said...

Yes, great pic of the ferns! Relaxing... haven't seen that movie yet, but I want to. Didn't see the first one, suppose I should rent it to catch up. It did look like you could get a good chuckle or two..

Lynn Stevens said...

What pretty ferns! I havent seen the movie yet but sounds great

snakkemunn said...

Good picture.
I will tell you when I have seen the movie. I looked forward..
Have a nice day!

Trudy Callan said...

Excellent photo of the ferns.

Thank you for the nice comments you always leave on my blogs.

And in answer to your recent comment on my sewing blog, yes, my children keep me very, very busy.