Sunday, 29 August 2010

Scrapbook finished...little bag and sad film..Sa Som I Himmelen.

Tonight I finished my scrapbook about our Norway holiday..I dont do much scrapbooking but quite enjoyed making this one though so must make time for more scrapbooking I think..I dont like sharing photos of my sons so here is a layout featuring me enjoying knitting my Norwegian wood bag. Talking of bags I recently bought a felt bag kit from TK Maxx and have enjoyed making this today as it took my mind off my backache. Last week I watched a great Swedish movie called Sa Som I Himmelen (As it is in Heaven) is a fantastic though very sad film which I highly recommend if you see a copy in the shops. It is currently being watched by members of the choir my husband sings in as it is a film about the power of music.


Janet Ghio said...

I really like the felt bag that you made!

Anonymous said...

Lorraine! this is a great page...I'm sure your other ones are lovely as well. thanks for sharing!

see you soon!

ciao bella


Pat Beaumont said...

It didn't take you long - and the page is lovely
bring your album with you next time we meet up - shouldn't be too long as the kids will be back at school soon

dosfishes said...

The little bag is darling. Sounds like this Norway trip was really special, glad you are celebrating it with a scrapbook. xox Corrine

Martina2801 said...

WOW!!! Lorraine, this is awesome. Gorgeous page!

FlipSyde said...

I LOVE film recommendations and will search for Sa Som I Himmelen on (then only place I seem to be able to find AnyThing lately...)