Thursday, 6 January 2011

bird-day cards messy paint & the northern lights

Made some more pretty bird day cards today..I am following projects from the Card a Day book and find its excellent when you havent got much time to spare. I have also painted the back inside covers of my fav journal book is Alphabetica and this is inspired by the great Lynne Perrella..I love her messy art. I had some paint left over so covered a spare journal page and it is hanging on the arty washing line next to my fav drawing by my now 6yr old. This morning I got a lovely Norway calendar off our Norwegian friends and I am so pleased they are still keeping in touch as they are a lovely family which we visited during the summer. I particularly like the photo of the Northern lights in it and could just imagine myself sitting on top of a mountain feeling all chilled watching them..just wonderful.


NuminosityBeads said...

My favorite thing in Alaska was laying out in the snow watching the northern lights. Photos are amazing but until you see them move and shimmer like immense curtains... well you can only imagine!

I used to see them more often in my earlier years there before I had indoor plumbing since the outhouse would bring me outdoors more often in the dark!

Lorraine, I've been impressed with your amazing commitment to making art so consistently lately.
It's really wonderful. Keep it up!

xoxo Kim

CJ said...

Seeing the Aurora is one of the items on my bucket list (-:

Sandy said...

Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow !!!!!

Sid said...

Great journal page and that pic id fantastic !!