Friday, 25 February 2011

sometimes the eye decieves journal page

I really like the collage work of John Stezaker who combines old postcards and photos in his work - so have featured a newspaper cutting of one of his works in this collage all about eyes and illusion. I have been thinking a lot about eyes this week about how we see the world and others see us. I went to see the black swan yesterday and although unimpressed by the film I liked the eye makeup and the theme about paranoia and eyes watching her..very like my fav Hitchcock films. The background is various paints, printed papers, stamped images, pastels and charcoal around little painted dots.

A beautiful handmade journal arrived today from Marit from the Netherlands..I won this as it was her OWOH prize. Its a lovely journal and came wrapped in tissue paper and vintage lace..big thanks Marit I will start filling this up soon.

I have started crocheting another blanket this week ..I am finding crochet easy as if you drop a stitch you just go back easily..and of course its mum gave me loads of purple wool that she found in her loft..its like an aladdins cave in my mums loft so now you know where I get my love of hoarding from!!

My weekly treat graze box arrived today too and this week it contains plums, fiery seed mix, honey fennel nuts and paper tiger crackers selection..delicious. Its always a lovely surprise at the end of the week so will have this later on with a glass of red and some dark chocolate too. Visit and to get a free box type in 6YNBLB13

Have a good weekend everyone..think I will take my kids to the woods again tomorrow as the muddy wet boots have just about dried out!


artistamyjo said...

I so enjoy your blog,have a wonderful weekend too.
Hugs, Amy

dosfishes said...

Love the color flow of the crochet, such gorgeous tones, yum yum. xox Corrine

Marit said...

Your art journal page is beautiful Lorraine! I too love the subject 'eyes' and there are so many ways to 'look' at it - at eyes I mean - and think about it. I love your view! You're very welcome about the journal dear, I'm sure you will find good use for it! Enjoy your weekend, a walk in de woods sounds great!

Sandy said...

Wow wow wow wow !!!
I´m speachless. So cool new page. I love it.

Have a wonderful weekend dear Lorraine.

JP said...

love the purple

Tin Can Tart said...

Great page Lorraine and you crochet as well how do you fit it all in ?

Pat Beaumont said...

wonderful page Lorraine - and I'm impressed how you've improved with your crotchet - there's no stopping you now