Sunday, 6 February 2011

when its raining buckets just paint..

having fun with lots of paint & new brushes

final painting Miro inspired..isnt it brilliant!

me playing round with black paint and doodles Miro style

we have had bad wind and rain here but not as bad as the poor folks in australia. I got an old table out of the garage and have been using that to paint sons like it especially my 6yr old as he has got access to paints, brushes and paper so he can have a go at painting when the whim takes him..yesterday we had a go at painting in the style of Miro based on a little plate I have. I think his paintings are marvellous and much better than my attempts.


Diane said...

Oh yes, wonderful color--love it!!

Sid said...

Great stuff !!

dosfishes said...

Kids have so much freedom, no inner critic to hole them back. Great fun. xox Corrine

Emma said...

Very Miro! Thanks, seems a good idea to work in a 'series' when the whole place is covered in stuff & if you've given yoursef permission to carry on being inspired to create, great!