Friday, 8 April 2011

Enjoy the Journey tag

I am very pleased that I am on the permanent design team for Scrollswork stamps based in Idaho, USA. Playing around with the stamps today and decided to do a journal type tag with painted papers, stamped images and danish newspaper and stamp. I havent done a tag for a while so it was a nice change.

The weather has been glorious today so spent most of the day in the garden..I got some fabulous crochet hooks off ebay..they arrived very quickly from China and were really cheap £4.59 but are good quality. I crocheted these little flowers today whilst drinking earl grey tea and it was very peaceful but unfortunately I heard the kids screaming and the next thing a pit bull type of dog ran into our was a stray and luckily was not vicious and my husband spent the next hour trying to find its owner but eventually took it to the RSPCA as it was very thin and lost. Hoping this lovely weather continues and we dont get disturbed by dogs again..what is that saying "mad dogs and englishmen go out in the midday sun....".


Tiffany said...

Lorraine, I love the tag you shared with us & congratulations on being on the design team for Scrollswork stamps! Exciting!
You also crochet? You're amazing!

(It was so kind of your husband to take the dog in...glad it was friendly, and no one was hurt)

Tin Can Tart said...

Lovely tag Lorraine they are such fun to make you can go a little wild. What a shame about the dog you are lucky it was not a bad natured one.

Sid said...

Lovely tag and fab hooks. Long time since I did any crochet !

LME said...

Love the tag :)

Joyce said...

Love your tag. Congrats on the Scrollswork team.