Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Erosion ruins bags


This bag I have called "Serenity Buddha erosion ruins" and features one of my fav stampington stamps

This year I took part in The Erosion Bundle Project where artists worldwide left a bundle of stuff to erode in the elements earlier this year, opened them in April and then are to complete a project by this August. Click here for my earlier posts about what I put in the bundle and how it looked in April when I opened it.

I used a little Etsy bird drawing purchase as the centrepiece in this one..its by the artist Michelle Palmer.

I have always liked rust and old things so was very pleased at the way my bundle turned out. I have used the rusty material along with the rusty guitar wires, cogs, old copper coins to make these bags.


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

These are fantastic Lorraine! What a way to use you eroded pieces, Brilliant!!!!!!! xox Corrine

Kris said...

Absolutely fabulous!!!! What a treasure of rust :)
I will be posting your creation on the Erosion Bundle Project blog later this summer :)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Both are equally beautiful!
I put things out in hopes of having an erosion bundle, and all that eroded was ME. The papers and fabrics somehow survived with nominal change, but I keep going to pieces... ;-D
Lovely work and so good to see a successful erosion!


Donna said...

Lorraine, This is positively fascinating. What a concept! I like it...I like rust too...but wouldn't want it on my guitar strings..LoL!


Sid said...

Thought the title sounded weird....but now I understand ! The bags are fab Lorraine !!

Sam said...

Stunning! Who knew you could create such beauty from old rusty stuff! These are amazing, the colours are perfect and love the stamps you have used with them x

Heavens2Betsy said...

Your bags are stunning! I absolutely love them and the whole idea of erosion bundles. I am a big fan of Michelle's work too. A fantastic combination. penny

Heavens2Betsy said...

I just visited your older erosion bundle post Lorraine and I can't tell you how much it is something I would've loved to have stumbled over as its contents all really speak to me. Is this happening again do you know? I'm definitely going to make one this year at the end of the summer when everything starts to turn! Love your sign about the 'Wild Woman' too!!! pen x

Diane said...

Soooo, soooo cool!! I love it!!!

Monika Schmid said...

I totally love your creation! I can find you older blog post about what you put in the bundle, but your bag looks amazing! Wear it proudly!:-) xoxo

alteredbee said...

Love a bit of rust on most everything. Fun experiment. I also wanted to tell you I named you on my blog award list this week. Please visit my blog to see. calicostudio.blogspot.com
Thanks and I look forward to more of your fab photos. hugs, patty

Dorthe said...

They are gorgeus Lorraine,-love all the rust,too-and took part in the project last year :)

Katie said...

Lorraine,I am loving these creative,earthy bags. What a great way to use the materials!