Monday, 6 June 2011

bike rides, bird watching, farms and crabbing ...

It was half term holidays last week so thought I would share some photos for a change of my life besides art:

took this stormy photo of the rain clouds over the Liverpool skyline this morning as had a bike ride the other side of the Mersey

our first blueberries..we are growing lots of fruit and veg this year

bike ride to Hale estuary to watch the birds on the Mersey

chicken with attitude at the ice cream farm where we had a go on the quad bikes and crazy golf but as usual didnt eat any ice cream!

Pete caught a huge crab using streaky bacon and string when we went crabbing at crosby sons loved watching all the crabs race back into the lake. I had never heard about using bacon to catch crabs before but followed my friends advice and we must have caught well over a 100!


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Never heard the bacon thing either, always something new to learn. Lovely tour, looks like your holidays with family were a joy. xox Corrine

artistamyjo said...

Looks like great fun,some good eating too.

Sid said...

Interesting set of pics Lorraine, streaky bacon crab that's a new one on me !!

Pat Beaumont said...

great photos

Diane said...

Love seeing a day in your life!