Thursday, 16 June 2011

yogi altered matchboxes

Over at the milliande art community Palma is again hosting an altered matchbox swap with the theme this time of symbols. I have been drinking yogi licorice tea lately which is delicious and comes in a lovely box with little quotes on each teabag! So I have used these little quotes along with some altered mah-jong tiles, metal diecut wings, beads, sequins etc to make these little shrines. I have just joined the Gary Reef site Loving Mixed Media and he is also having an altered matchbox challenge so be sure to check out both of these excellent art communities.

I had tidied away my large art table as one of my sons was having a birthday party but decided I couldnt live without it! so got it out of the shed and my sons immediately started to paint again

fireman sams helmet

sun space and lightning


We have had a mixture of torrential rain and sun so typical British summertime! But at least its good for the sunflowers as ours are getting quite tall nownot in flower yet though


Lynn Stevens said...

Love your little matchboxs, I have some of those tiles and never know what to do with them, thanks for the inspiration!
hugs Lynn

Sid said...

Fab matchboxes Lorraine and the paintings are brill !!

Gaby Bee said...

These altered matchboxes are gorgeous! Love them all, nicely done.

Have a lovely weekend!

LME said...

You will have to let me try the tea :)
Love the matchboxes :)

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Love to see the boys paintings, so fresh and freeing. Sweet matchboxes, great challenge. You always seem to jump right in there and come up with something neat! xox Corrine

artistamyjo said...

Wonderful matchboxes,some of the best I've seen.
Hugs, Amy

Linda said...

These are such little treasures Lorraine...lovely to hold I bet.
Sweet paintings too :-)

creatingme said...

Love these. And thank you for your very kind comment about mothering. Also, i LOVE the texture of those pages in your first art journal. The cover is lovely, and I feel as if I can reach in and touch that book! So wonderful!

Trudy Callan said...

Cute little matchboxes. Love your sons' artwork. They are really good.

Louise Pallister said...

Love your sons artwork; expressive and vibrant - looks like they had fun. Soon you'll all be competing for that artwork table!

Mac Sutch said...

I have just started the matchbox challenge on Gary Reefs site. I have been looking at it and thought you know I have a match box. I just stumbled upon your site while looking up inspiration for my matchbox.