Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Lovely start to the summer holidays..

Havent got much art done lately as have been having lovely days out with my sons.

We had a lovely day at Sefton Park

Bandstand which looks like a Chinese pagoda

The magical Fairy Glen such a lovely tranquil place

Hoylake beach - we couldnt make sandcastles there which was a shame because of oil pollution as all the sand was black underneath the top

Yesterday we went over to Hilbre only took us half an hour to walk there from the beach

The rocks there reminded me of Arizona

View at the back of the island..we were looking out for dolphins and seals but didnt spot any today. Hope the sun is shining where you are..we have to make the most before it rains again!!


Janet Ghio said...

The rocks do look like Arizona and New mexico-what a wonderful combination-red rocks and blue water.

Sid said...

Fab pics Lorraine, glad you had a nice time !!

Pat Beaumont said...

spending time with your boys is more important than anything else
there will be time for art once your batteries have recharged