Monday, 20 February 2012

flower photo hanger

I bought this lovely heart shaped photo frame (from B&M) recently so decided to jazz it up a bit. Have added some lovely fabric flowers to the top and butterflies to some of the metal hearts. I have printed out lots of fav photos and put them onto to ATC sized cards with just a bit of lace and flowers as decoration. This looks lovely hanging in my kitchen as the wall is painted a pale green..I like the way it looks very spring like too..roll on Spring!

IMPORTANT: Have you thought about how people leave comments on your blog? Blogger has changed so now visitors are required to type 2 words which are often very difficult to read. Instead, moderate comments yourself which makes it a lot easier for everyone. (Go to Settings, then the comments section underneath in blue and tick always on comment moderation and no on word verification then this will allow you to moderate comments yourself instead of those stupid words!)


Sandy said...

Wonderful hanger dear Lorraine.
Love it. xoxo

Sid said...

Ohh that's brill Lorraine !!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Sweet frame. I agree, always on comment moderation works much better. xox Corrine(old eyes here)

Linda said...

I have a heart shaped hanger similar to this on my wall with ATCs displayed on it! I like the 'extras' you've given yours... :-)
Agree with you re: the comments, I think I'll do the same. The other day I tried 4 times and kept getting the letters AARRGGHH moment!!