Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Practice kindness, mercy and forgiveness mini book

I have had this little plain mini book for ages so decided to alter it today using lots of flowers and prima botanicals paper..think I will put photos of my husband and I in it!

Even though the weather is very cold at the moment I have been buying some new clothes for when the weather gets I am in my new indigo moon coat which the kids think is ace as its something a magician might wear! I like the quirky designs of this company and bought a turquoise oriental one too..found them on ebay..bargain!

Dont forget to leave food out for the birds in this cold weather..I love my bird feeding station with coconut shell, seed feeders and bread dish..I love watching the birds of a morning in my garden especially the robins and the blackbirds..keep warm out there!

Saw this on Art from the Heart blog so thought I would have a go too!

1. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Rambling farm house in Cheshire with lots of people to look after the farm so I could paint and go for walks all day!!

2. Last book you read? Currently reading Behind the scenes at the museum by K Atkinson. Fiction makes a change for me as I usually read travel adventure books or biographies.

3. What inspires you? Nature

4. chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate of course but only the high quality stuff!

5. If you could have one magical ability, what would it be? To end wars and cure world poverty.

6. Do you dance? Love my zumba classes at the gym.

7. Do you prefer one on one acquaintances or large social groups? Prefer just a few friends as dont like large groups.

8. Favourite food?Home made chilli

9. What is your favourite season? Autumn as I was born in October.

10. What is your pet peeve? Cruelty in all its forms.

11. If you could live in any era, which would it be? Now as I like the internet!

Well there are my answers..why not have a go:)


artistamyjo said...

Your book is adorable and I LOVE the coat,looks perfect on you.
We feed the birds too.year around and have lots of Cardinals.
They sure do brighten the winter.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Sweet book, swell coat, you look brilliant modeling! Yes the birdies eat eat eat, 50F here today though, feels like Spring. xox Corrine

Janet Ghio said...

Fabulous coat! and you look great in it.

Lesley Ann Staples said...

I totally love that coat! and those books are so cool.
Cold and lots of snow here, expecting more tomorrow. Hugs from Newfoundland

Lynn Stevens said...

Your little collage book is wonderful, saw it on my google reader and had to come in for a closer look. Awesome new threads too!
hugs Lynn

Sandy said...

Oh Lorraine your book is awesome. xoxo

Pat Beaumont said...

love how you've done the book- that coat suits your personality Lorraine

Mary said...

Love the book and its little bird :)
I would be lost if I did not have birds in the garden,although the neighbours cats are proving to be a problem.

Yvonne said...

Love the mini book. Yes, I am feeding my birds here too. I've had one male cardinal pecking at my window for two days now. Must be his reflection.