Monday, 17 September 2012

mini books, stitching and a bit of abstract...

 Like most crafty people I have a big collection of mini books to alter so made a start with these mini books on a stand dedicated to each of my sons..I have included lots of layers and secret tags

 I also have a huge collection of paper and fabric flowers so have been changing the colour of these with promarkers and sharpie pens..much better than the pastel pinks that they were!
 Here is another stitching kit I have been working on called As the Crow flies..I went to a craft show at Manchester last Friday and bought some more halloween and christmas kits as I love these at the moment
Decided to have a go at abstract painting..this one is called "Hiding beneath Lashes" and is for the abstract painting class over at The Trodden Path art community

Until next time wrap up warm autumn is on its way....


Becca said...

Very cool Lorraine! Looks like you're enjoying different projects! I need to get busy!

Jez said...

You were so lucky to go to the Manchester show. We had free tickets, but it's a bit too far, and we don't go on motorways these days. Anyway, If I get free tickets next year I now have someone I can pass them to.

Your abstract is very powerful, full of movement and 3-D effect ( I think the art word is probably 'depth' but I like 3D). You get through so many things, and all lovely.

Mary said...

Love the little books, and the abstract is wonderful,perfect title for it.

Anonymous said...

The book with tags is tooo fun. I like doing things in that genre sometimes because they seem to go together fast.

I signed up for the abstract class but have not done anything as yet. Your piece is wonderful. The motion of it is great....was it hard to 'let go'?

And cross-stitch? I laughed when you said you just got a new kit....I bought one, too. But it was 3 yrs ago and I haven't touched it! I'll send it to you since you seem to have more ambition (and better eyes) than me!

Your flag is in the mail. Winging it's way to you.


Sid said...

Great stuff Lorraine, love your cross stitche work too. Sorry I missed the Manchester show. Been out of circulation due to home renovations. Looking forward to getting crafting again very soon !