Tuesday, 20 November 2012

for the love of coffee

 love my coffee of a morning so when I found these little quilt squares just had to make a couple of cushions..I sewed a button to the middle to resemble a coffee bean
 Had some squares left over so quick pin cushions

 It was the church christmas fair last saturday and we had a great time meeting Santa, buying old videos, books and toys and of course eating the best scouse in all of Liverpool, (Scouse is a meat and potato kind of stew that is cooked for a long time)
Last Sunday mornings walk..just love the colours of the trees lately and the smokey smell of autumn

Until next time enjoy your coffee..I am drinking an irish cream latte at the moment..mmmm!


Janet Ghio said...

Okay--what is scouse????

Linda Vincent said...

The cushion is fab....and perfect for a coffee-loving gal like you!!!