Saturday, 29 December 2012

Using up supplies stored in the shed..

I have got a shed full of supplies and unfortunately with the heavy rain some of it got have started using it all as I have got too much!

Made a bag out an old felted cardigan given to me by a the toadstools!  I think this will look good with my denim jacket in the summer
 Inspired by my friend Mary I made some earrings out of an old drinks can just using the cuttlebug..bit of fun
 Crocheted this over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and bought some vinyl yesterday which I have sewn on the back of it so that its ideal floor cushion for when I am playing scalextric with my sons
 I have been cutting up all the old jeans to make a rag rug for my conservatory
Decided to have a play with a broken cassette and crocheted it into this bowl..

Until next time see what you can use up before you buy anything more;) and have lovely New Year celebrations

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Rita A. said...

I can't believe all the things you came up with to make out of stuff stored away. Amazing!!!