Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Art Miracles Reflection..altered tuna tin!!

outside painted with turquoise and copper

lots of beads

an old watch and little praying charm

My friend Mary has made a great video on how to alter sardine tins..check it out here. I decided to have a go so decided to buy some tuna slices, mackerel and sardines in tins all in the name of art of course..mind you they do have omega 3 in the fish and that is supposed to make you! I like the mexican day of the dead type of shrines with their religious imagery so decided to have a go. Great fun and a good way of using up all your interesting odds and ends..the beads and devil card are all the way from kim in arizona.

I got a great package today from my friend Trine in Denmark..isnt the outside great with runic writing and stamped fish...I love the stamps on it too courtesy of a nice Danish post office lady. I love all the Danish newspapers, book pages etc in it and a great little book for my sons all about "A mole who wants to find out who pooed on his head!" sons absolutely loved this and now want me to translate it...I am glad for the Google translate button.


Art From The heart said...

Love the tin Lorraine and that pakage of goodies looks awesome.
Hugs, Amy

Mary said...

The tin / shrine is great Lorraine you will get addicted I used to make so many and then stopped so it has been fun doing them again. I had to laugh at the mole I think the moles in my garden are lucky that is all they get on their heads. ( Wilson of course not me )

GlorV1 said...

That's awesome. Great idea with the tin/shrine. Cigar box shrines are beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing. You've give me inspiration to make something for my garden and I think I will. :) Thanks.

Joanna said...

Superb altered tin. Love the dangly bit on the bottom.

We've got that mole book (in english) and somewhere we've got a soft toy mole - with said poo on his head! My kids loved it too:0)


Donna said...

It's amazing what you can do Lorraine..when it comes to altered art. Everytime I come visit..I'm impressed! You are so very artistic and creative!

Love these photos!

Sid said...

Super altered tin and your package looks brill !!

Pat Beaumont said...

love the tins Lorraine and your parcel looks great