Saturday, 21 June 2008

small world of inchies "celebrate"

This weeks challenge was to create an inchie around the theme of "celebrate". So I made six inchies to celebrate some of the things in my life. 1."Eccentric me" is a paper artsy image that is a kind of eccentric muse 2. I love to celebrate "altered art"3. "inner peace" is something I strive for and is good to celebrate 4. "coffee time" I have got to have my coffee in the morning to get the kids out to school!, 5."celebrate nature" is a homage to the birds that visit my garden and of course my favourite to celebrate "blog time" where I have found so much inspiration and arty friends.


Stempelchaotin said...

Wow they are fabulous.
Many great Inchies. Love them.

Lindy said...

They are lovely well done :)

Shaz said...

wow, these are great, well done for thinking of so many things we should celebrate!!

Dawn said...

Wow they are great,really like how you have got so much detail onto such a small space!!

Nancy Dooren aka Nans said...

I love these inchies!!! Great job!!!

crafty said...

Wow Lorraine, they are just greyt ( ex racer greyhound owner !!! )

luv all your blog
joan in italy