Saturday, 10 January 2009

Felted and knitted squares work in progress.

I thought for todays daily photo journal I would show you what I have been doing today. I went to a textile group and although the wool that I had wasnt suitable for wet felting it worked ok with dry needle felting. I made a couple of squares with needle felting and combined them with some knitted squares. I really like the combination of textures. I have seen a great article in cloth paper scissors magazine about the Australian artist Elizabeth Armstrong. In one of the pictures she combines felting with couched embroidery. I am going to have a go at couch embroidery next on these squares but havent decided whether its going to be a cushion or a bag for all my felting stuff!! Think I will let it evolve and decide for itself.

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Vicky said...

These look great! I've also tried dry needle felting, great fun! Look forward to seeing what you make with them.