Tuesday, 18 January 2011

old school journal page, cushions and post from arizona..

Over at UK Stampers the journal page for week 3 required us to use lined paper with 10 things we remember from school, doodling and ink blots..had fun making this quick page but I never really liked school and was glad to leave it! The other 9 things I wrote are : Love of reading (I was always reading Enid Blyton books); Hate Maths; Horrible school dinners; Triangle milk cartons (these were always frozen in winter!); off ground tick (we used to play this all the time); collecting leads (small bits of lead out of pencils used to collect in the grooves in the floor and we used to collect them and flick them at each other with wooden rulers!); boring assemblies; skiving off games..I hated pe lessons; AMDG written on every piece of work (if you missed it out you got zero marks).

I made another cushion today with the fabric art panels I bought off fannie narte and I think they look lovely on my sofa

I also got a lovely package in the post all the way from bisbee in arizona from kimberly who is mixed media bead designer..I was made up with the lovely handmade paper, beads, mexican cards, vintage photo of the northern lights etc etc..its great having blog friends all over the world.


dosfishes said...

Kim's packages are always full of great goodies. Love our experimental nature with all you are doing. xox Corrine

Sandy said...

Wow these are stunning.
So cool grungy page Lorraine. This rock.

Melinda Cornish said...

your journals are wonderful!