Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines, Kites & broken trees..

running free by the Mersey...come on kites fly!

newly fallen gnarled tree blown down by recent storms

Happy Valentines!

Its half term this week so took the kids to otterspool by the river mersey this morning to a kite making workshop..its always freezing cold by the river and has lots of wind so they had great fun running round trying to get their kites to fly. We found a gnarled broken tree so had a picnic there then came home for tea and toast. My youngest did this lovely painting for me for the colours and his enthusiasm for paint. Hope your all having a nice Valentines.


snakkemunn said...

Nice pictures!
I think you're good to go out and play with the kids.
I like when the kids painting and drawing. :))

dosfishes said...

Such special memories those paintings bring every time you look at them. Xox corrine

Linda said...

Sounds like a great day; I miss that kind of fun....
(Love your Valentine painting :-)